Homebrew: 8-bit Computer BOM

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Justin's BOM for Homebrew: 8-Bit-Computer

ID Description Quantity Spec Sheet Supplier Image
74LS04 Hex inverter 1 Mouser
74LS08 Quad AND gate 1 Newark
74LS32 Quad OR gate 1 Wherever !
555CN 555 Timer IC 3 lm555.pdf
1MΩ Potentiometer 1 DigiKey
330Ω resistor 3
1kΩ resistor 5
100kΩ resistor 1 DigiKey 100k-resistor.jpg
1MΩ resistor 1
0.01μF capacitor 3
0.1μF capactitor 2
2μF capacitor 2
Momentary "Microtivity 6mm Tact Switch" 1
Double-pole Toggle Switch 1
Solderless Breadboard (Large) 1
22 gauge wire

(perhaps a link to digikey or somewhere for a pre-packaged shipment)