How Do I Become A Member and What Do I Do Next?

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Are you just a social member or are you a dues paying member?

Anyone is welcome to be a social member and participate in Facebook, Meetup and other social media discussions. You're welcome to attend classes (members get a discount) and bring your projects to work on during OpenMake nights on most Tuesdays (the first Tuesday of the month is a closed member's meeting). Ask for a tour of the space if you haven't already been shown around.

Certain classes and tools are open to members only.

To become a full, paying, member:

  • Go to the Tampa Hackerspace's main webpage and click on Join. Members get 24/7 access to the Space, and can use our tools once they're trained (usually by taking the classes at a discounted rate). Non-members can still take classes in tool use and can purchase day-passes to use them.
  • Regular membership is $50/month. Once you've paid your membership dues and completed the required paperwork (see the "Join" page linked above), you'll be a member.
  • The first thing you should do is introduce yourself to the Board of Directors so they know who you are.
  • Then you need to take the New Member Orientation. This is held on an as-needed basis and covers topics like opening and closing the Space, enabling and disabling the alarm system, policies and procedures, some introductions, and getting a key-fob if your dues pay on a recurring basis (i.e, your credit card automatically gets charged).
  • If you haven't already, you should join the Facebook and Meetup groups so you can participate in discussions, and know what's going on at the Hackerspace, including classes and meet-ups. Meetup is THE place where schedules are posted. Join Slack for communication with other members.

Ok, cool, I'm a member.... Now what?

  • Start a discussion on Facebook: Ask a question or post a link about a topic that interests you.
  • Come to an OpenMake night! Most Tuesdays are OpenMake nights when everyone is invited. Members are encouraged to bring their projects to work on, or just to come and talk with other members about projects or topics of interest. The FIRST Tuesday of the month is a Member's Only meeting.
  • Take a class! Even if you don't know how to do something, you can learn how. We offer classes in how to use our tools and in other topics of interest. Some of the Fall 2015 classes include:
    • Introductio­n to Radio waves and Antennas // Introduction to Cellular Communications // GNU Radio // Software Defined Radio
    • e-Nable Workshop. Building 3D Printed Prosthetics­
    • OpenSCAD Introductio­n
    • Multi-rotor­ Build, plan and troubleshoo­t
    • SKILL: Intro To Soldering
    • Learn to Pick Locks
    • 3D Printer Orientation­
    • Laser Cutter Orientation­
  • Host a meeting. If there's a topic that interests you, find other people who are interested and schedule a time to meet and discuss.
  • Teach a class! If you're proficient in a topic and want to teach a class about it, talk to a member of the Board.
  • Use our tools to make things!
  • Come to Board-game night!

I Don't Know What to Make...

  • Well, what are you interested in?
  • Learning about electronics? Quad-copters? 3d Printing? Sewing? Using a Laser to precisely cut material? Woodworking? Metal shop machining? Molding plastic or aluminum? CNC cutting? The Tampa Hackerspace has tools and resources for all of these.
  • Check out this page one of our members wrote up that talks about using the tools at the Space for making all kinds of Steampunk creations. Even if you're not interested in Steampunk, it talks about many different types of projects our tools can be used for.