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There are lots of ways to help, here are a few: jump in on one of our current projects to improve the space for everyone, teach a class, help out with "behind the scenes" administration, donate money or supplies.

If every member volunteered just 4-6 hours per month, our space would be even more awesome than it is now!

Log Hours

When you volunteer, log your hours here.

Contribute To This Wiki

Current Projects

Routine Laser Cutter maintenance (contact Bryan Lee, #laser_engraver slack channel)

  • Ongoing procedure development

Shop Bot CNC setup in new space (contact Stills #cnc slack channel)

  • Install & level bed
  • Set up computer

Wood Shop setup in 4935 (contact Josh Mann or Ben Um, #wood_shop slack channel)

  • Set up dust collection system

Clear out donation / storage area (contact Adrian Martinez, #members slack channel),

  • Set up date tagging system & display area for items members are free to take
  • Dispose of unusable items and excess "hackable bits"
  • Organize items to be kept

Other Ways to Help

- Join #volunteer slack channel.

- Pitch in on routine upkeep tasks: clean up after yourself, clear off tables, throw away trash, refill TP / paper towels, put tools away, clean bathrooms, restock fridge beverages, sweep floors, take garbage out to dumpster, ...

- Volunteer at an upcoming event, especially Kids' Open Make days (contact Tracey Birch, #kids slack channel)

- Teach a class (contact Bill Shaw)

- Volunteer for our Making The Future program (contact Bill Shaw)

- Help fundraise. Ever wrote a grant application before? (contact Tracey Birch)

- Update this wiki with information useful to our members - see the Style Guides for example pages - copy & paste from the edit box to save yourself some typing! (contact Alex Wingeier for a wiki account)

Donations needed

Cash is nice but we're happy to get donations of materials, especially for our Kids' Open Make projects, such as:

  • White glue
  • Wooden craft ("popsicle") sticks
  • Arts & Crafts kits (if pieces are missing, PLEASE let us know!)
  • Polymer clay
  • Yarn and embroidery floss
  • Felt and fabric remnants
  • Card stock, drawing/watercolor paper, scrapbooking paper
  • Rubber bands, paper clips, binder clips, paper fasteners
  • Batteries (9-volt, AA, and coin cell / 2032)
  • Electronic components: LEDs, resistors, switches & buttons, wire
  • Paint smocks / shirts (or other cover-ups, for messy projects)
  • Hot glue guns and sticks