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The DeltaMaker was provided to us by DeltaMaker themselves.

The DeltaMaker is run by it's own onboard Raspberry Pi which provides a web interface to load STL files directly for slicing and printing. This makes it a bit easier to use.

The DeltaMaker is our only printer that is PLA-only and can not use ABS filament. Some drawbacks to PLA are that it can't be glued or smoothed with acetone and is not as resistant to hot environments. Some advantages are that PLA is plant-based and produces less odor when heated. A big difference for 3D printing is that PLA shrinks much less while cooling, which makes it easier to get prints to adhere to the print bed and less likely to end up with a warped print.


  • Make sure that you load PLA filament, as the majority of filament at the space is ABS
  • [We need to make sure spools are clearly labelled and separated]
  • Be gentle when removing prints from the bed, as the bed is easily scratched. Tapping the side of a print often releases it without prying. Removing the bed (it attaches magnetically) and placing it in the freezer for a few minutes can remove stubborn prints.