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The SawStop is a professional-grade table saw with an integrated emergency stop that fires whenever the spinning blade begins to make contact with skin.

The extension table for the saw has a router mount that allows the same surface to be used as a table saw or a router table.

The SawStop user manual is on Google Drive.


  • Read and follow the manual
  • Understand the basics of table saw operation
  • Don't crosscut using the fence - use the miter gauge (or a sled)
  • Use the blade guard with splitter or the riving knife
  • Use a push stick for narrow cuts
  • Wear appropriate protection: safety glasses and possibly hearing and dust protection

SawStop Safety Brake Feature[edit]

Be aware of the SawStop's safety brake feature. It works by detecting an electrical charge draining from the blade assembly, so as soon as the spinning blade makes enough contact with a person's skin / blood, it drops the blade down and throws a block of aluminum into the blade to stop it.

This can accidentally be activated when sawing wet or other electrically conductive materials or if the blade hits a nail or screw.

Each activation costs about $75 for a new safety cartridge and saw blade. We set aside a budget to periodically replace these because accidents happen. But if we determine that the safety feature was activated without a good reason, we may ask the responsible party to cover the replacement cost.

Router Table[edit]

The SawStop table has an integrated router mount. The mount is a Kreg 420 / PRS3000 and the router is a Porter-Cable 7500 Series.

There is no Kreg manual available but this site has some instructions.

Router manual on Google Drive.