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The SawStop is a professional-grade table saw with an integrated emergency stop that fires whenever the spinning blade begins to make contact with skin.

The extension table for the saw has a router mount that allows the same surface to be used as a table saw or a router table.

The SawStop user manual is on Google Drive.


  • Read and follow the manual
  • Understand the basics of table saw operation
  • Don't crosscut using the fence - use the miter gauge (or a sled)
  • Use the blade guard with splitter or the riving knife
  • Use a push stick for narrow cuts
  • Wear appropriate protection: safety glasses and possibly hearing and dust protection

SawStop Safety Brake Feature

Be aware of the SawStop's safety brake feature. It works by detecting an electrical charge draining from the blade assembly, so as soon as the spinning blade makes enough contact with a person's skin / blood, it drops the blade down and throws a block of aluminum into the blade to stop it.

This can accidentally be activated when sawing wet or other electrically conductive materials or if the blade hits a nail or screw.

Each activation costs about $75 for a new safety cartridge and saw blade. We set aside a budget to periodically replace these because accidents happen. But if we determine that the safety feature was activated without a good reason, we may ask the responsible party to cover the replacement cost.

Router Table

The SawStop table has an integrated router mount. The mount is a Kreg 420 / PRS3000 and the router is a Porter-Cable 7500 Series.

There is no Kreg manual available but this site has some instructions.

Router manual on Google Drive.