How to Help

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There are lots of ways to help.

- Volunteer at an upcoming event!

- Teach a class!

- Volunteer for our Making The Future program

- Help fundraise. Ever wrote a grant application before?

- Sort and tear down donated items

- Update the wiki (See the Style Guides for example pages - copy & paste from the edit box to save yourself some typing!)

We also have some specific needs right now. Some are small, some are big.

- Remove yarn from 3D printer drawers, load in filament and label.

- Electrical work

- Install software on computers

- Organize materials stock

Members are requested to volunteer four hours per month.

Donations needed

Cash is also nice but we're happy to get donations of materials. We keep a list updated on our Trello page and have a few requests specific to the Kids's Open Make.

• Felt

• Scissors

• Hot glue guns and sticks


• Paint shirts (or other coveralls)

• Card stock

• rubber bands