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Manuals and books / magazines are in the bottom drawer of the rear file cabinet. There are some patterns in the top drawer.

Sewing Machines

Baby Lock BND9 Embroidery Machine

Baby Lock BLCS-2 Cover Stitch

Husqvarna 1250 Embroidery Machine [Manual] Works. Additional accessories.

Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 905 Serger [Manual] Works, motor runs, loom stitches.

Montgomery Ward UHT J1460 Works, motor runs, loom stitches. Manual:

Janome HF107 Works, motor runs, loom stitches. Manual:

Singer (white) Works, motor runs, loom stitches. No labeled model number. Labeled: “Needs TLC and Oil”

Montgomery Ward UHT J1964 Turns on, motor sounds stuck possibly?, loom doesn’t stitch anything. Manual:

Singer (tan, faded): No fitting power plug, no labeled model number

Elna Air's Guide, Quick Reivew, & Trouble tips:

To Do List

Repair &/or maintain machines as necessary

Inventory sewing supplies (from bins on metal shelves) & put into drawers or other storage

Make list of needed essential items (e.g. needles, thread, pincushions)

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