Class Laptops

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We have a set of laptops available for classes. They are stored in a rolling laptop cart in the 4935 big classroom.

Please help keep these laptops in a set, ready to use for class. Return them to the proper, labelled place after use.

There is a set of 10 Dell Latitudes running Windows 10. They're a mix of a couple models but are all i5 or i7 and have SSDs and at least 4GB of RAM.

There is a set of 6 Lenovo Thinkpads (SL510 / R61) and 3 Dell Latitudes running Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS). They are mostly Core 2 Duos or Celerons, have spinning hard drives, and 3-4 GB of RAM. Note that many do not have a functioning battery and will often have a BIOS error on startup. Load the default BIOS settings and things should be fine. The Thinkpad SL510s may show a BIOS password error on startup which is the same issue - load the BIOS defaults and that error goes away.