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Introduction to Fusion 360

In this class, we'll cover:

  1. Overview of Fusion 360 capabilities
  2. User interface and tool bar basics
  3. Planning - How to turn an idea into a drawing
  4. Creating a 2D sketch
  5. Basic 2D drawing tools
  6. 2D drawing
  7. Basic 3D design tools
  8. Turning 2D drawings into 3D objects
  9. Modifying 3D objects
  10. Creating 3D printable objects

Students must have their own laptop with Fusion 360 installed. See System-requirements-for-Autodesk-Fusion-360

Fusion 360 Installation

Download the trial here: Follow

Hobbyists can activate a free license for non-commercial purposes:

Note: If you had created an Autodesk account for Tinkercad, Fusion 360 uses the same account.


Members $10; non-members $20

The member price is for paid members of Tampa Hackerspace. Information on becoming a paid member can be found on our website. You can prepay for the class at our Square Marketplace.

Payment is expected within 24 hours of your RSVP. If anyone hasn't paid by then, they will shifted to the wait list to make room for other students.

If you've been moved to the waiting list, we couldn't match a payment through Square for the class to your meetup account. If this is in error, please message [masked]. If you haven't yet paid, please do so at the link above and we'll move you back to the active list.