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This page does not yet have proper content for the class. These links are provided as reference and may not be part of any offered class.

Links to get you started

If you want to get started with OpenSCAD before taking the class:


Note: The most recent release as of 2016-July-4 appears to be openscad-2015.03-3. Linux repos, even the PPAs, are likely out of date and don't support all the features discussed in the online manual. Consider installing from the source file Linux tar.gz if you want a more recent official version. If you want the bleeding edge, install from the github repo:

How To's

* Setup your AWS instance
* SFTP upload your file.scad to your AWS instance
* openscad -o file.stl file.scad
* SFTP download your new file.stl to your local machine
* View file using local STL viewer