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It's an attempt at a template for a Bill of Materials (BOM) for a project.

Here's the stuff... bullet list works well if you have a lot of descriptive text:

  • Part #1
  • Part #2

or lay it out in a nice table if it's a simple parts list:

ID Description Quantity Spec Sheet Supplier Image
OMGWTF Omegatron Widget Toaster Frontend 1 [1] ACME Corporation Acme.jpg
TPS TPS Report cover sheet 5 Initech
Duff Homer's Favorite 6 Moe's Tavern

Perhaps here's where to get it ...

  • link to saved cart at distributor website

Perhaps here's some other pages, classes, or people to check out related to this BOM.

If a BOM is already some kind of MediaWiki data schema then by all means try that.

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