Hurricane Preparations

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When closing the space in the event of a hurricane:

  • Cancel meetup events.
  • Announce closure on slack and social media
    • Optionally sponsor post(s) to make it more visible.
  • Coordinate members/volunteers show up and:
    • Move equipment off of floor (where possible)
    • Cover equipment with large garbage bags, plastic drop clothes, tarps, or other plastic sheeting.
    • Throw away perishable food items from the refridgerator.
    • Perform backups
    • Turn off electricity at the breaker panel.
    • Perform typical lock up procedures.
    • Lock up.
  • While away
    • Encourage members/volunteers to contribute to crowd sourced shelter database
  • After the storm
    • Clean up
    • Power things on once power is available
      • Start with critical systems, such as security, and access controls
    • Announce space availability on slack and social media