MR101 Intro to Multi-Rotors

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This is the first of a series of classes for both novice and experienced pilots desiring to learn how to build and fly multi-rotor RC (radio controlled) aircraft. The class will have a "hands on" approach with physical examples, a power point presentation as a follow along, and a packet of resources compiled by hackerspace members Alan Chervitz and George Papabeis.

  1. How they fly.
  2. Types – Tris, quads, hex & octos, V-tails, Co-axials, "drones"
  3. Flight Modes – Acro, stabilized, gps, waypoints, FPV, follow me.
  4. Components – air frames, propellers, motors, ESCs, power distribution & batteries, flight controllers, photography gimbals, FPV (First Person Video), OSD (On Screen Display), receivers and transmitters.
  5. Costs.
  6. Safety – on the ground and in the air