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Accessing the Hypercube

  • From within the Tampa Hackerspace network, the Hypercube #1 can be accessed by browsing to http://hypercube1/
  • Remotely, printer status can be viewed by logging in to THS's Slack and viewing the #3d_printer_status channel.

Building the Hypercube

Hypercube 300....and it uses CoreXY motion mechanics.

Problems we've encountered

Hypercube bed is all the way down and does not want to move

Resolution by @adrianm1972:

  • The Z motors were a little out of alignment with the z lead screw nuts on the best. It ran fine at the top of its range because the lead screws are unsupported up there and that masks the alignment problem. At the bottom of its movement range everything is bolted to the frame and the slight misalignment cause binding that the Z stepper motors could not overcome.
  • We brought the bed all the way down, loosened the Z motor mounts and let everything pull itself into natural alignment then tightened everything up.