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There are several wifi networks at Tampa Hackerspace.

The wifi password for all networks is the same and is posted in most rooms of the space.

TPAHKRSPC and TampaHackerspace are two names for the same set of Ubiquity access points in multiple locations throughout the space. This should be your first choice in most cases.

THS-4931 is a Microtik access point in the front of 4931 with a directional antenna pointed towards 4933 and 4935. (This is repurposed from the wireless bridge we used to have between 4931 and 4935.) This is a reasonable backup to the main network if you are in the front of the building.

THSMESH is a series of Google mesh access points located across the front parts of the space. This network has it's own DHCP and is isolated (NAT) from the rest of the Tampa Hackerspace network. So if you need to connect to a laser printer, server, 3D printer, etc. this is not the network for you.