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The Tampa Hackerspace Wood Workers Guild is a group of members who gather to share knowledge and techniques, work on projects, and help keep the wood shop in good working order. They meet weekly on Thursday nights for about 30 minutes. (As of March 2017.)

Half the time is spent discussing a technique, and half the time is spent on shop improvements.

As with all Hackerspace meetups, this is a great place to bounce design ideas, etc. with other like-minded people.

Ideas for beginner projects would be very helpful - something that take no longer than 3-4 hours that would actually be useful or giftable. I don't want to have people making things that will end up in the trash if it can be avoided.

Meetup Minutes

2017-03-16 -- We reconditioned the blades on most of our hand planes and began building a stand for them to live on.

20170309 194938-hand-planes.jpg 20170309 212945.jpg